JCPenney Silver

JCPenney Credit Card is a store branded card and it is very suitable for frequent shoppers at JCPenney due to the reward structure associated with the card. Synchrony Bank is the issuer and creditor for Penney credit card. Therefore, you can login for account management and payments or apply online for the card on the Synchrony Bank website. Following JCPenney credit cards are available.

  • JCPenney Silver Credit Card
  • JCPenney Gold Credit Card
  • JCPenney Platinum Credit Card

Visit the card features page to learn about various offers and facilities available for you when you qualify for this card. Some prominent highlights of the credit card are

  • Automatic enrollment to JCPenney rewards program
  • Special financing offers
  • Birthday gift
  • 15% introductory discount on first purchase at JCPenney
  • 5% discount on appliances and Bride Diamond Vault
  • 99% APR for purchases
  • Up to $38 penalty fees for late payment

How To Login To Make Payments

  • Step 1: Visit the login page for JCPenney credit cardholders on the Synchrony Bank website.


  • Step 2: Enter your user ID.
  • Step 3: Click on the Secure Login Then, verify your personalized image, enter password, and login on the next page.

Forgot Your JCPenney Silver Credit Card User ID Or Password

  • Step 1: Click on the Lookup User ID link below the login menu.


  • Step 2: Enter your credit card account number.
  • Step 3: Click on the Next Then, validate your identity and follow instructions to retrieve your user ID.

How To Apply For JCPenney Silver Credit Card

  • Step 1: Click on the Apply Now Link at the top of the above card features page.

How To Apply For JCPenney Silver Credit Card

  • Step 2: Enter your full legal name.
  • Step 3: Provide your residential address in detail.
  • Step 4: Then, specify primary and alternate phone numbers. Specify the type of both phone numbers.
  • Step 5: Type your email address.
  • Step 6: Then, specify your net annual income in US dollars.
  • Step 7: Enter the duration of staying at the present residence in years.
  • Step 8: Select if you prefer electronic statement delivery or ordinary paper statements by mail.
  • Step 9: Provide verification information like date of birth, Social Security Number, and maiden name of your mother.
  • Step 10: Accept provision, credit terms, privacy policy, and provide consent to Electronic Communications.
  • Step 11: Click on accept & submit button to send your online application for approval.

How To Activate JCPenney Silver Credit Card


  • Step 2: Then, enter your user ID to login and activate the credit card.
  • Step 3: Similarly, click on the register & activate link at the right to register in case you need a registration to activate the credit card.